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Compiling Yafaray in Windows

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Compiling Yafaray in Windows

Post Thu Sep 04, 2008 2:20 am

Greetings friends !

I'm seeking some help or insight into how to get yafaray to successfully compile in Windows.

I've managed to get the latest SVN Blender+Exporter & SVN Yafaray compiled and installed on Ubuntu 32bit. It's working fantastically and performs quite well.

I would like to do the same in Windows and I've been having nothing but problems.

Is this common ? Or am I just a total newb heheh

I first tried compiling using MinGW Blender compiles perfectly with scons, but when I tried to add the modifications for the yafaray exporter, I started immediately running into errors.

Also, I tried compiling yafaray with MinGW and also was having problems. With everything set up default it was telling me that I don't have any of the req'd libs (which I know I do).

Ok .... so I gave up after tinkering with MinGW for a while. (Ideally this is what I'd like to compile Blender and Yafaray with)

On to MSVC++ Express ....

After some setting up and getting all the paths right for the libraries and includes and whatnot ... I was able to get Blender compiled perfectly, but when I tried to add the modifications for the Yafaray exporter code, once again errors started popping up.

I successfully compiled Yafaray from latest SVN with MSVC++ Express, but when running with a Yafaray patched pre-compiled Blender, it gives an error first about not having some MSVC runtime DLL's, then after i get the dll's moved to the same folder, it crashes with a Runtime error. I think I read somewhere that both Blender and Yafaray have to be built on the same compiler for the two to work together. Is this true ?

Anyways ... I'm new to this forum, and perhaps this is a long and annoying post, but I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my problems.

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Post Thu Sep 04, 2008 2:37 pm

Building yaf(a)ray with MinGW is not supported "out of box". Since MinGW is a bit of a weird mix of windows conventions and GNU headers, there's probably more to do than just tell scons to use MinGW tools and gcc compiler flags.

Basically, it doesn't matter which compiler you use for blender and yafaray (anymore, it sure did matter with yafray 0.0.9 and earlier, but i didn't really ever test it extensively), but every now and then the interface still changes a bit, so you might have a too old blender build.

But MSVC has its own odds, basically understanding how the runtime works is a short, just copying the dlls is NOT the proper way since MSVC8 anymore, it won't accept that until you explicitly linked the binaries with a manifest file that explicitly tells it to look there. So make sure you find the proper runtime redistributable package from MS and install it so it is available to all software. Visual Studio EE did not install the latest ones when i installed a service pack for it, and as a result i couldn't run my own compiled programs anymore :x
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Post Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:52 pm

Building yafaray on MingW is possible (it is the platform I am using for Blender + yafaray) but:

you need a specific build of libstdc++ (because of STL strings)
you need to rebuild libs
you need to configure Scons to handle MingW platform
you need some minor patches in yafaray sources

If yafaray team is interested in MingW platform, I can give my patches + libs

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