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Error when building on linux

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Error when building on linux

Post Mon Jun 02, 2008 5:22 pm

I get an error when I try to build yafaray on a Linux machine:

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src/yafraycore/ In member function »virtual int yafray::triangleObject_t::evalVMap(const yafray::surfacePoint_t&, unsigned int, float*) const«:
src/yafraycore/ Fehler: »alloca« wurde in diesem Gültigkeitsbereich nicht definiert
scons: *** [build/yafraycore/object3d.os] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

I searched for include <alloca.h> but could not find it. Is the alloca function part of another header?

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Post Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:37 pm

in my system alloca.h comes with glibc (2.7 here).
did you follow the instructions?

yafray_config.h could have been overwritten, put it then to the particular .c source file (from where the missing definition was triggered)
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