IRC Chat

The YafaRay project has an IRC room on


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a form of real-time Internet chat and it is an useful tool to meet developers and other users. In the chat room you can find immediate answers to you questions about YafaRay and get in touch with other members of the comunity.

The most common way to connect to an IRC network is via an IRC client. There are a number of Internet browsers with IRC clients. Opera has a built in IRC client. Mozilla Firefox does not have a built-in IRC client, although you can use ChatZilla, a Firefox add-on, to have access to IRC in the browser. Here is a list of IRC clients.

Altenatively you can use the applet below which is a direct access to the YafaRay IRC chat room and remeber: if you have questions, ask them but be patient, people are not at their computers all the time:

New to IRC? Here are some commands to get you started.