This is the YafaRay online meetings page.

Current meeting team members:

  • Gustavo Boiko (Boiko)
  • Rodrigo Placencia Vázquez (DarkTide)
  • Kim Skoglund (Kerbox)
  • Álvaro Luna Bautista (Samo)
  • Michele Castigliego (Subcomandante)

Meetings rules:

  • Meetings will start at 16:00 GMT on Tuesdays (not earlier, not later).
  • Meeting dates can change depending on team member availability.
  • Meetings chat log will be attached to this page and summarized.
  • Meetings decisions will be taken by general consensus.

Monday, March 29, 2010 16:00 GMT

  1. meeting items proposal organization (subcomandante)
  2. how we agree on decisions (subcomandante, samo)
  3. yafaray current status (samo)
  4. Gsoc slot number (darktide)
  5. Gsoc, what next? (samo)
  6. SSS implementation (subcomandante)
  7. Blender 2.5 integration (how deep and what way) (darktide)
  8. What to do with the next release? (darktide)
  9. Pizza (Kerbox)


  • Drupal page for keeping record of meetings. Keep it simple. Chat log and a summary. Samo will do the summary.
  • We will use consensus and middle grounds and follow whoever has the best idea or the expertise. Everyone should explain his points and be heard.
  • We have expressed our concern about the fact that while the community and its needs keep on growing, the yafaray team stays the same. We wish we had time for other personal projects or just to leave the project for a while, but the responsability is big and the team is small. We wish GSoC could help us to solve this situation.
  • The best way to keep students involved is that their work is useful for the community and we treat them well.
  • GSoC slots, the strategy will be to ask for as many slots as we can possibly mentor, we should take full profit from this oportunity. We will backup students both as individual mentors and as a team.
  • SSS approach is independent volumetric photonmaps for all lighting methods, dipole for path tracing. Similar to caustics approach.
  • Blender 2.5 integration and nodes. We will favour the method which can guarantee that the full nodes workflow experience can be implemented and improved. If that is not possible in Blender 2.5, the external application will be favoured. However, a Blender 2.5 integration without a nodes editor should improve if possible the way YafaRay materials are implemented in Blender 2.49.
  • Students should be aware of what will be possible in Blender 2.5 and what won't.
  • About yafaray 0.1.2: backporting on mainline, freeze new features so only bugfix is possible and release alpha before GSoC starts, so developers concentrate on mentoring tasks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 16:00 GMT

  1. License needed for exporter code (Samo)
  2. Boiko has suggested that we implement measures so we keep involved those students whose proposal isn't finally approved (Samo)
  3. status (Samo)
  4. official betatester importance, involvement and communication on about page (subcomandante)
  5. GSoC, what is next.

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